Thursday, February 3, 2011

Beer Experiment 1: Success

We have a winner here. Adding cold brewed espresso to my Péché Mortel brings out the coffee aroma even more, making the beer reminiscent of the cask conditioned version of itself. There is no mistaking the coffee in the modified version of the beverage.

The recipe for this experiment follows:

3 tablespoons cold brewed espresso
1 bottle Péché Mortel (the drink of gods)

I added the espresso into the glass before pouring the bottle, so as to get an even mixture without having to use a spoon. The imbiber may adjust the amount of espresso added to suit their taste.

My recipe for cold brewed espresso can be found in my last month's post. I recommend using a cold brewing technique in order to reduce the amount of bitterness and acidity introduced to the beer by the coffee.

Drink and enjoy!

(Notice my favourite church key which sneaked into the photo.)


goofy said...

Very casky... All we need is some bourbon.

Zen said...

Tres Delish! My first beverage tonight!

Broccoli said...

We tried this same formula with a few variations:
1) Péché with bourbon and coffee. Strong but good.
2) Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout with coffee. My fave -- so good that my other half spilled it all over himself when he tried it!